The Cheapest Times to Fly in 2013

Every travel junkie knows that it is not advisable to fly in the peak of the summer because that is when plane ticket costs are at its highest. If you want to book a flight without bleeding your wallet dry, USA Today’s travel expert Rick Seaney offers these sound advice for flying cheap in 2013.

Most of January – Once the holidays have passed and we ringed in the new year, plane tickets for January take a dive. Airlines consider the first month of the year as a “dead zone,” especially after the bulk of passengers have traveled back to their homes after New Year’s Day. There is an exception, though, in flights to and from Washington, D.C., on days before and after January 20th, when the presidential inauguration would take place.

Early February – The second month of the year is just as cheap when it comes to flight costs, with a few exceptions. Avoid traveling to New Orleans early in the month, since the city will host the Super Bowl on February 3rd. Also, avoid booking a flight to and from Las Vegas during those dates because football fans are also expected to troop there for game-day partying. Consider avoiding the latter part of February as well, when travelers pack their bags for Spring Break. It is a good thing, though, that Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday rather than on a weekend when there is a stark spike in ticket price.

Travel to Europe in late spring – Springtime is the most ideal season to travel to Europe. Not only the weather is great most of the time, but also because you could save a couple of hundred dollars compared to traveling during summer.

Most holidays are cheap – Not only are flights cheaper during Thanksgiving and Christmas, but also during other major holidays such as the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day.

The dead zones during November and December – The two-week period before Thanksgiving, as well as the days after Turkey Day (November 28th in 2013) leading to about December 18th, are also great days for cheap holiday flights.

Source: USA Today
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